Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Playground

Cotton has a new playground and it's at

Come join me!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ways to keep a Furball cool

February was the driest and hottest month since dunno when. 

Poor me, with my beautiful thick fur coat, I am hot hot hot.

So Daddy and Mummy have to constantly monitor the temperature especially with the sweltering heat in the afternoon. 

Creative Daddy and Mummy came up with ways to lower the temperature: -

1. Fan (preferrably a computer fan) - This is placed next to my villa and is switched on 24/7 to regulate the heat.

2. Cooler gel - courtesy from Daiso. It's only $2! Wrapped it in a towel (in case of condensation) and just placed it at the top of my villa. It's like air-con! 
3. Metal tray aka Cotton's loft - courtesy from Ikea. Metal is the best for dispelling heat. 
4. Iced box - Just put in the iced pack and the whole metal box will instantaneously turn into an iced box.
With its portability, I can placed it anywhere and even stand on it to cool my lil butt..hee

Thanks Daddy and Mummy for their conscientious efforts to help me keep cool.

I'm a happy furball!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

8 Ways to prepare Cotton for war

StumbleUpon this. This is soooo cute! 

I think Cotton can be any of the below except Dog. She can't fart for christ's sake but she can poop like nobody's business. Think can use her poop as bullet. And also, feed her with tonnes of acidic drinks so that she can spray acidic urine on enemies.

Poop + Acidic Urine = One hell of a lethal combination!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Header new look

Finally (much to Mummy's relief I'm sure), Daddy got the new header up! Hope you guys like it and have a great year ahead!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Updates ...or not

Sorry for the lack of updates. Mummy and Daddy have been busy with their own stuff. 

Have you been thinking about me? Well, I'm doing fine and life has been the same for me. Not much changes, still cooped up in the tiny prison except that my playground has now expanded from the kitchen to the living room. Yippee! More things to bite! 

To all my ardent fans: Pictures speak a thousand words. Here are some of my cute cute photos. Hope u like them:)

She sooo wants to eat Mummy's freshly baked corn muffins

Munching on her favourite treat

Watcha looking at?

That's what she does whenever we walk into the kitchen, clamoring for our attention cos she sooooo desperately wants to come out! So tak-glam!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daddy lost the bet

If everything goes well, there should a new look to this blog of mine. But sadly, none of this is happening soon. What happened is that Mummy had a bet with Daddy that he has to come up with a new banner design by this weekend. If he loses the bet, he has to sleep early, like 1am, every night. On the surface, it doesn't seems that difficult to achieve but for Daddy it is definitely a tall order cos his usual sleeping time is like..... 3am, the earliest, or 4am. To get him to bed by 1am is quite impossible. Well, hope is free;p

As for Mummy, if she loses the bet, she will have forego her weekend sleep-in and wakes up at say, 9am. Looks like Mummy can have her beauty sleep afterall ;)

There must be lotsa distraction for Daddy to complete the task, so in the end, he lost the bet....let's see how he's gonna bluff his way out of this...hahaaha.

Don't look at me Daddy, Cotton is NOT going to help you out here.

Maybe Mummy should have more evil and up the ante if Daddy loses the bet: Daddy has to finish the Arnold Chicken's Carnival Meal all by himself ;) Next one perhaps

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eyebrows for Poker Face

The thing about Cotton is that she has a poker face.  We can never tell what her emotions are - happy, sad or angry - and always clueless about what's going through in that tiny brain of hers.

One fine day, Daddy suddenly had this "brilliant" solution - EYEBROWS. With them, it'll give us some clues to her emotions. We can either draw or paste stickers over it. Brilliant right *Mummy raised up a sarcasm board*

I think she will look like the kitten in the video, constantly wearing a moody look


like him